Making Exceptional Kung Fu Learning & Training Experince Accessible to Ireland

Classes are on every Tuesday Evenings

6:30pm - 7:00pm - Qi Gong & Meditation

7:00pm - 8:00 pm - Kung Fu Fondations & Workout

8:00pm - 9:00pm - Shaolin Kung Fu Training

9:00pm - 9:45pm - Kung Fu Kickboxing (Sanda)

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Also we have complete training courses that teaches what we learn in class step by step online as well. You can find them here.


Shaolin Kung Fu Ireland 

We are very excited to bring authentic Shaolin Kung Fu to Dublin.


Our classes are taught by Master Yan Xin, a 34th generation Shaolin deciple from the Zen Buddhist Shaolin Temple in China. 


Our classes are suitable for all levels, whether want to learn traditional kung fu or want keep fit and healthy we hope you will be able to find a class suitable for you. 


We are part of family.


Master Yan Xin - Shaolin Ba Duan Jin
Shaolin Kung Fu Ireland - Staff

Master - Shi Fu

Master Yan Xin - qi xing quan - Seven Stars- Shaolin Kung Fu Ireland
Master Yan Xin

Master Yan Xin, is a 34th generation Shaolin disciple, he trained in the Shaolin Temple (Henan Province, China) from a young age. Master Yan Xin first began teaching martial arts at the Shaolin Temple where he was proud to pass on his knowledge to the younger generation monks. In 1999 and 2000 Master Yan Xin was honoured to act as the team leader and led a troupe of Shaolin Monks to perform in the Shaolin Wheel of Life world Tour. During these two years Master Yan Xin enjoyed promoting Shaolin Culture and kung fu to worldwide audiences. In 2001 Master Yan Xin started to teach students in England, where shared his knowledge and skill to students in Bournemouth, Southampton, Bristol and London. Now Master Yan Xin resides in Dublin, Ireland and continues with his passion for kung fu teaching.


From a lifetime of dedication to the training and teaching of kung fu, Master Yan Xin has accumulated a wealth of knowledge and skill in the art of traditional kung fu. His expertise include traditional Kung Fu Forms (including Animal forms and Drunken Master form....), Weapons (including the Steel Whip, Swords, Staff...), San Da (Chinese boxing/ self-defence) as well Shaolin internal practices such as Qi Gong. 


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Master Yan Xin

Urban Junction,  42 Main Street Blackrock, Co. Dublin, Ireland

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