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Master Yan Xin teachiing Shaolin Yin Shou Gun - a traditional Shaolin Staff form - Shaolin Kung Fu Ireland

 人   大   天   夫





Shaolin Kung Fu Classes
At the moment we have 3 types of classes available, they are suitable for all levels, as the classes grow we will later be introducing intermediate and advance level classes. Whether you are a kung fu enthusiast or you want to get fit using the kung fu way, these classes will be suitable for you.

1. Kung fu fitness/ Workout


This is the class where we will work to improve our fitness level using kung fu movements, methods and principles, so that our body condition and fintness levels improves as we train.





2. Shaolin Kung Fu for beginners


In this class we will focus on building good foundations in terms of kung fu technique as well as body condition for future kung fu practice, example of things we will work on are kung fu stance work, kicks, body work, we will also work on traditional Shaolin Kung Fu forms in the class where techniques and principles of attack and defence will be focused on. 






3. Shaolin Qi Gong


We will work on breathing techniques, work on methods to cultivate our qi (inner energy flow), work on our unique Shaolin Staff stretch routine to relax the body, work on the Qi Gong form, Ba Duan Jin, known as the Eight Pieces Brocade in English and end the session with calming meditation.

(Class will be introduced at a later date)


4. Shaolin Sanda



Sanda is also called Sanshou, when translated in to English it means ‘Actual Combat’, in Chinese it means ‘techniques of fighting’. In this class we will work on footwork, stance work, punching, kicking and wrestling (throwing) techniques, plus combination movements.


This class is great to learn practical self-defense techniques as well as developing your mental power in terms of fast decision making abilities, focus, clarity and courage.

(Class will be introduced at a later date)

If you would like schedule a private training session with Master Yan Xin please either email: or call 0857066888
Tuesday Class Venue:
Tuesday Local Classes take place in a studio with wooden floor in Blackrock Village.
The address is: Urban Junction,  42 Main Street Blackrock, Co. Dublin, Ireland.
Master Yan Xin - Shaolin basics/ foundation training - Shaolin Kung Fu Ireland
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